Biking at night in DC feels great! #selfcare

I guess my NC roots stick with me even in DC!

Got my intake of mango for today!

Seeing the members of the senior community center step up and really own their space makes me the happiest organizer!!! It’s fucking awesome!! #DESIspaces #DESI it’s incredible to hear all the stories of the members who used to be Mayors, Teachers, Farmers, and many more! My morning always gets made driving them to the center and working with them!


Got a new toy! #happy it’s for a new video project that I’ll be working on, I can’t wait for y’all to check it out!

#TBT : Shirt prototype!


BREAKING: Obama is making an announcement about immigration, watch it live on CNN right now!!!

Sitting here at Union Station waiting on my bus to get here! Once I get back home, I really need to do some self care, who wants to join me??