Day 08: pool after running? Yes please!

Day 06: Woke up late but still determined to go running! Ran around the neighborhood! Great run today! Legs are dying today! lol doin that week!

Can’t wait to upload this one!!

Day 04: Brought a friend to today’s run! Thanks @juanin11million for waking up early and coming out!

Day 02: Interval workout today! 2 Miles! Plus the walk back to the car lol

Day 01: puttin in werk at the greenway today! Starting with only 1 Mile today!

My office for Today! Filming with the #LGBTQ community in #NYC !! And finally got my @rodemic NTG 2 so using it for today’s shoot!

Life = complete lol I got to visit B&H photo and video today!!! I have been wanting to go there since I started doing photography!!!! Good thing they were going to close in 20 mins otherwise I would tried to buy so much stuff!! But I can’t wait to try out my new mic for @unitedwedream ‘s videos

In the city today! #NYC

Balling out with that wifi on my flight to New York! Thanks @nestorruiz1402 for the hookup!