Ready to mingle with my big boy clothes!

Loving all the great people at this event!! #greatfriends

The oscar selfie has nothing on a DON selfie! Lol #SelfieNation

Late night campaign planning like a hipster with my mason jar!!

We may not have the capacity right now to mobilize masses but don’t underestimate us, we get stuff done!! So proud of the #don team for workings so hard to make today happen!!

So honored to be in @jc12jcr ‘s many selfies of the day! This is when I found the scooter!!

Found this badass scooter today while in Asheville!!

Today has been heck of a day from being a judge on a art completion to launching #DON on all social media platforms, it has been a great and very productive day!

Wow what a way to start the day!! Thanks #clt driver!! @jc12jcr just wanted to work on admin relief stuff today but I guess we have to make a pit stop.

Good morning y’all!!